Effective Online Poker Tricks

As soon as online poker appeared, it began to develop rapidly. Everything became faster, less time for reflection, more tables.

Even novice players today play Situs ION CASINO ONLINE at several tables at once, not to mention the pro, which continues to increase the number of meals to the impossible.

Since the number of hands that players play sharply increases, the style of their game changes and develop. People watch the game of other participants and adapt to them much faster than in live poker, and the result is a severe battle between strategies and counters.

New poker tactics and techniques are discussed continuously on forums and training sites. Practical methods are analyzed and analyzed in detail, they are immediately given names, and they are actively used.If you are not a professional player, then keeping up with all the trends can be quite tricky, so here we have collected five tricks (and counters) that are often used by top players online.

What is it?

The so-called unexpected all-in is a technique used in tournaments when the small blind, and sometimes the button, put a large all-in preflop. The size of this all-in is usually between 15 and 25 BB, and almost always there is an ant in the game.

Why has it become popular?

Name of this technique – the all-in is unexpected because it is not optimal in this situation because you could make a standard raise.

One of the reasons for the increased popularity of such an all-in can be called the frequent use of a preflop tribute. All-in here is becoming more profitable, although it seems that the risk of losing everything is considerable, but by placing a simple raise, you can fall to a triet or all-in in response, and thus lose a lot of chips. Therefore, all-in becomes profitable.It’s essential to understand the difference between occasionally setting unexpected all-ins and throwing chips.

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