Which site is the Best for buying genuine accessories for your phone?

Before letting you know the best website, did you consider to think that you love your smart phone or not??

How to protect your screen from scratches and shatter?

People lover their smartphones but do we really do?? A server conducted by t-mobiles tells us that nearly half of the mobile owners damager their smartphone in which 29 percent spill drinks on them, 29 percent drop them down through stairs, 37 percent scratched the screen and 20 percent drop them in toilets.

People thinks that smartphone protective cases and screen protectors are waste, don’t protect their smartphones and add bulkiness to smartphones and screens. Well most of them have smartphone with damaged or shattered glass from the point of impact at corner of the phones.

Smartphone protective case add bulkiness to your phone, hide design of your phone but at the good end it also protect your phone from drops, scratches and dents. For a baseline protection of your device choose a case made of a shock absorber material for better protection of your smartphone at all corners of your phone. We are against plastic cases as they don’t absorber impact efficiently and likely to transfer the impact of fall or drop to your device which will result in damaged phone. Best smartphone protective cases can be find here.

Another most important accessories for your smartphone is glass screen protector which can absorb any direct impact on screen and protect it from shatter. Always use best quality glass screen protector which can absorb impact efficiently. Best Smartphone Glass Screen protector can be find here on Campad Electronics.

Smartphone chargers are very important accessory. If charger is not of best quality it can damage your smartphone by damaging its charging port or battery which can result in dead charging port, dead battery or reduced timing of your battery. So always buy good quality chargers which are efficient, reliable and long lasting for the safety of your smartphones.

People who travel allot for them Car chargers and power banks are also very important. For the safety of your device try not to buy 3rd party copy car chargers and power banks which can damage your smartphones battery health that may result it less backup timing or complete damage of your smartphone battery. Power banks if not of quality product can damage your phone internal hardware including charging port, screenand battery. So be careful when choosing your product and by whom you are buying them from.

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