Why a game or poker sabotage breaks down

Why do smart, adequate poker players sometimes start playing like fishes? I’m not talking about those guys who play for their pleasure, let’s leave the fans aside.

I also do not mean simply stupid players who Agen Judi Bola Deposit Termurah not able to learn how to play better. I am talking about serious players, people who studied the game, read books, bought software, analyzed hands. Players who really know the game well, but for some reason, begin to make stupid decisions at the poker table, and not just once or twice, but constantly.

Most of us fell victim to this phenomenon at least once in a lifetime. Have you ever noticed for yourself that you are making a call that by all odds and odds is too loose, and you know about that ?! A call that can ultimately result in serious losses for you, but you still make it? It resembles an unconscious reflex, tick, or spasm, which works somehow separate from your brains. Your mind says, “No!” But your hand itself reaches for the chips and throws them at the center of the table.

Or, perhaps you personally feel weakness for playing too aggressively, although you know very well that you cannot afford it. Or maybe the problem is that you start to passively call opponent bets, although, in truth, it would not hurt you to raise.

We study poker software

One such mistake once per session does not seem to play a special role. But as we know, some poker players – smart, educated players who have studied this game for years, can make these mistakes over and over again. Either we saw such players, or we ourselves were such a player or both at the same time.

Someone who consciously makes a bad decision – a decision that, as he knows, is likely to end with biting his elbows, somehow manages to be surprised when he loses a large sum, and, worst of all, after several dozen distributions, he repeats this mistake again. This is a very effective way of self-sabotage, something like poker masochism.

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